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Should I List In The Winter?

Posted by Susan Propp on December 4, 2018
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Should I list my property in the Winter or should I wait till the grass greens up in the spring so that my yard looks better? We get this question a lot so I wanted to take a moment to address my position. I find that December is usually slow because people are focusing on family time and preparing for the Christmas holidays. Once the new year has come and gone and January 10th approaches people start thinking about spring and sales activity increases. We seem to spend July and August dealing with forest fires and most of our summer days are smoked out. Tough to tour out of town buyers and showcase this beautiful valley when we are plagued with smoke and they can’t see the views. We also need to plan on when we take photography of future listings as we prefer not to have winter/snowbank shots as well as hazy smokey view shots. We have been making the most of this nice fall weather and have been taking photography of homes that we are listing in early January, its important to plan ahead when possible. This way when January rolls around we are ready to go at a time when a lot of the listings have expired and are waiting till spring to come back on. Regardless of the time of year the marketing strategy needs to be sound and proactive! Advertising should be focused on getting the property in front of potential buyers, in the Summer bump up local marketing efforts when buyers are in Kelowna visiting and exploring, in the winter reach out further and advertise in the regions where winter might not be as mild… we want to remind people how great the Okanagan is!

Happy Holidays Everyone 🙂